Top 10 Best Electrical Engineering Books

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 best electrical engineering books. Well, let’s start with the list.

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Hey, Electrical Engineers are you excited to know about the top 10 best electrical engineering textbook? Ok, Let’s begin. 

Electrical Engineering Books

10. The Beginner’s Guide To Electrical Engineering

If you don’t have any basic knowledge of electrical engineering then you can read this textbook. This book is mainly for the beginners, emphasizes the concepts over math and is the smart choice for the high schoolers.

09. Electrical Engineering Principles And Application

This book is for students who already have knowledge of electrical engineering. This book covers tough concepts, if you are well good in basic concepts of electrical engineering then this book could be the refresher for you.

08. How To Diagnose And Fix Everything Electronics

This is the best book to repair electronic circuits. This book contains excellent equipment tutorials. If you want to gain knowledge in electronic circuit design then you can buy this textbook.

07. Basic Electricity

If you are a beginner and willing to gain knowledge of electricity then the basic electricity book is for you. This book has a total of 21 chapters.

06. Electrical Engineering 101

This book for basic and is an easily understandable explanation. This book is filled with real-world examples and a very personable writing style.

05. Electrical Engineering: Know It All

This book includes a variety of tricks and tips to help you troubleshoot. It compiles the work of several authors. To download Pdf of this book visit and search here –

04. Fundamentals Of Engineering Study Guide

This book is filled with the practice questions that cover each and every topic from circuit analysis to ethical issues. Each chapter contains tips.

03. Electrical Engineering For Non-Electrical Engineers

This book contains real-life case studies. It is easily understandable with a quick read. It includes a new section devoted to batteries.

02. Practical Electronics For Inventors

It teaches you to build circuits and the instructions are easy to follow and it also contains plenty of graphs and illustrations.

01. Introductory Circuit Analysis Global Edition

a. Comprehensive reviews per lessons or chapters.

b. It is written very clearly.

c. This book is a superb choice for self-study.

Well. guys these are the top 10 best electrical engineering books. You can download pdf of these books, click here to download –

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