100 + Electrical Engineering Projects For Students

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss 100 + Electrical Engineering Projects For Students, some projects related to electrical engineering, or the top best projects for electrical engineering students.

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Hey if you are searching for electrical projects then this article is for you. The projects which I discuss below are most useful for electrical and electronics engineering students. Making a project means doing things practically. If you make more projects then you will get more practical knowledge. Well, let’s come to the point.

100 + Electrical Engineering Projects For Students

01. Microcontroller Based Automatic Irrigation system With Soil Moisture Sensors

02. Automatic Monitoring & Control Of IP Set Using IoT

03. Modeling Of Solar Photovoltaic MPPT System By Using P & O Algorithm

04. Solar Powered PMDC Motor Speed Control Using Aurdino

05. Half Bridge Converter For Battery Charging Application

06. Digital Phase Selection

07. Energy Management From Railway Track Vibration Using Piezo Electric Sensor

08. Microcontroller Based Automatic Irrigation And Rodent Control System

09. Computation Of Parameters In Control Rectifiers Using Numerical Integration

10. GSM Based Smart Irrigation System

11. Digital Control Of Controlled Rectifier

12. Modelling Of Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM)

13. Automatic Induction Motor Starter Using Microcontroller

14. Application Of Taguchi Optimization Technique In Electrical Engineering

15. Quad-Copter

16. LED Temperature Indicator

17. Light Emitter Polymer

18. Performance Of Induction Motor Under Abnormal Conditions And It’s Protection Scheme

19. Single Stage Photovoltaic Solar Water Pumping System

20. Eco-Friendly Car Volume Controller

21. Speed Control Of A Separately Excited DC Motor Using Thyristor

22. Real-Time Implementation Of FIR Digital Filter Using Hanning Window Technique For Noise Cancellation In Audio Signal

23. Determination Of Parameters Of Full Wave Controlled Rectifier With RL Load

24. DTMF Based Load Control System

25. Solar Tracking System With Monitoring Parameters

26. IoT Based Current Monitoring And Load Controlling Using ESP Module

27. Microcontroller Based Transformer Overload Detection System

28. Multi-Quadrant Operation Of DC Motor

29. Study Of Interaction Problem Of PV Array With Conventional Generator

30. Closed-Loop Voltage Control Of Boost Converter

31. Modeling, Analysis, And Control Of Doubly-Fed-Induction Generator For Wind Energy System

32. Performance Analysis Of Separately Excited DC Motor Supplied By Voltage Source Converter

33. Electrical Power Quality And Mitigation Of Unbalanced Voltage

34. Design And Simulation Of Bi-directional DC-DC Converter Using MatLab

35. Solar Power Smart LED Lighting System

36. Automatic Load Management Of Electric Power

37. Design And Development Of An Electronic Wattmeter To Measure Both Real And Reactive Power

38. Impact Of Static Var Compensators To Improve The Voltage Profile Of Power system

39. Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller For Solar Photovoltaic System

40. A New Formulation And Design Of An Electronic Wattmeter To Measure Both Real And Reactive Power

41. Performance Of Induction Motor Under Abnormal Conditions And Its Protection Scheme

42. Analysis Of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Using Digsilent Power Factory

43. Direct Repetitive Control Of SPWM Inverter For UPS Purpose

44. Recognition Of Bolt And Nut Using Linear Discriminant Analysis

45. Microcontroller Based Closed Loop Control Of DC Servo Motor

46. Gravitational Search Algorithm And Its Application To Optimal Controller Design For Load Frequency Control Of Interconnected Power System.

47. On-Off Control Of Appliances Using UTLP Kit

48. Comparison Of Numerical Methods Applied To Excitation System Models For Power System Stability Studies

49. Digital Voltmeter And Frequency Meter

50. Estimation Of T & D Losses For Electrical Distribution System With A Case Study

51. Implementation Of Automatic Induction Motor Starter With Delay Using Microcontroller

52. Performance Analysis Of Separately Excited DC Motor Supplied By Voltage Source Converter

53. Mathematical Modelling, Simulation And experimental Verification Of Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor

54. Mini UPS System

55. Multi-Input DC Boost Converter Based Brushless DC Motor Drive

56. Single Phase Cycloconverter Using Microcontroller

57. A Combined Optimization Concept For The Design And Operation Strategy Of Hybrid Energy System

58. Transient Analysis Of Induction, Capacitive And Resistive Circuits By Modelling Inductor And Capacitor Using Resistor And Current

59. Boost Derived Hybrid Converter (BDHC)

60. Determination Of Optimum Duty Cycle Of A Maximum Power Point Tracker Based PV System Supplying Non-Linear Load

61. Speed Control Of Brushless DC Motor

62. PC Based Oscillator

63. Automatic Control Of Standby Transformer Using Microcontroller

64. Implementation Of Automatic Induction Motor Starter With Delay Using Microcontroller

65. Automatic Prioritized Load Distribution

66. DC Speed Control For Tricycle Application

67. Multi-Purpose Portable Charger

68. PC Remote Control

69. Sine Pulse Width Modulation Single Phase Inverter

70. Mathematical Modeling And Analysis Of Pulse Width Modulation

71. Volt-Ampere Meter

72. Fiber Optics Based Current And Voltage Measuring System For High Voltage Distribution Lines

73. Power Theft Prevention Based On TDR Or FDS Signature Monitoring On LV And MV Power Lines

74. Steady-State And Dynamic Performance Of Directly Coupled PV Water Pumping System Using DC Shunt Motor

75. Geothermal Power Generation

76. Hardware Implementation Of PV Powered Water Pumping System Using PMDC Motor

77. Automatic Solar Tracking

78. Artificial Neural Network

79. Energy Audit

80. DSP Based Speed Control Of BLDC Motor

81. Design Of FIR Filter Using Window

82. Elimination Of Harmonics In H-Bridge Inverter Using Notch Angle Method

83. Short Term Electricity Price Forecasting

84. Incremental Conductance (IC) Based Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) For Photovoltaic Source Supply A Resistive Load

85. Direct Repetitive Control Of SPWM Inverter For UPS Purpose

86. Hybrid Wind-Photovoltaic Power System With Battery Storage

87. Microcontroller Based Automatic Solar Radiation Tracker

88. Shadow Alarm

89. Multiple Object Recognition

90. PV Lighting System

91. Calculation Of Fault Location On Mixed Line Cable Transmission Corridors Using Numerical Method

92. Embedded System Based Approach To Economic Load Dispatch

93. Loading Sharing Between Transformer Using Microcontroller

94. Energy Generation Through Speed Breaker

95. Energy Generation Through Swing

96. Road Side Energy Generation by Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

97. Hybrid Electric Car

98. Corrosion Detector In Transmission Lines

99. Wireless Transformation Of Electricity By Tesla Coil

100. Controlled Single Phase Rectifier 

These are the top 100 projects for electrical students. I hope this article may help you all a lot.

Thank you for reading.

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