Why Choke And Starter Are Used In Tube lights Or Fluorescent Tube

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss why choke and starter are used in tube light or fluorescent tube, what is the function of choke, what is the function of starter, etc.

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Nowadays, we don’t use fluorescent tube lights much because LED lights are much better than fluorescent tube lights. Even though in many places fluorescent tubes are still people using. The only advantage of tube light is that it is available in a variety of lengths. Many people don’t know why choke and starter are used in tubes.  Now, let’s discuss why starter and choke are used in tube lights.

In the market, there are different sizes of fluorescent tubes are available. 

  1. 39 cm tube of 14 watts
  2. 46 cm tube of 15 watts
  3. 61 cm tube of 20 watts
  4. 100 com tube of 25 watts
  5. 122 cm tube of 40 watts
  6. 152 cm tube of 65 watts
  7. 152 cm tube of 80 watts

These many sizes of tubes are available in the market. you can buy any of them based on the area. Well, let’s come to the main point. The cost of tube light is 300 to 400 rupees.

Why Starter Is Used In Tube Lights

The starter plays a very important role in tube light at starting, without starter you can’t start tube light. The starter is a current operated device and it has two metallic strips and a heater coil. The bimetallic strip comes in contact with fixed contact, before turning on the lamp. When the supply is given to the tube, the two electrodes get connected in series through the thermal switch. At starting, the current flows through the starter until when the bimetallic strip heats up. After bimetallic strip breaks contact, the electrons will flow through the tube and thus light is produced. Remember one thing that the starter is used only at starting, once the tube turn on you can remove the starter but the light will be still on only.

Guys, better you watch this animated video which will help you to understand in deep.


Why Choke Is Used In Tube Light

The choke also plays a very important role in tube light. If there is no choke in tube light then the tube will get blast due to heavy current flow. The main purpose of the choke is to limit the current flow. The choke is connected in series with the phase wire. The choke is also used to induce high voltage occurs it.

well, guys now you came to know, why choke and starter are used in tube lights. For any questions, you can comment below in the comment section. I hope this article may help you all a lot.

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