Why Earth Pin Is Thick & Long Compared To Other Pins Neutral & Phase

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss why the earth pin is thick and long compared to other pins like neutral and phase, electrical interview question, etc.

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Nowadays, we all use the electric three-pin plug for various purpose, usually, a three-pin plug with wire is used to extend the circuit. The three-pin plug consists of a total of three pins one is for earthing, the second one is for neutral and another one is for phase. The pins of neutral and phase are of the same size where the earth pin is longer and thicker compared to neutral and phase. 

First, I will discuss what is an earthing, phase, and neutral. The purpose of the earth pin is to avoid leakage of current and this pin is usually connected to ground. The purpose of the phase is to carry current to load and the purpose of neutral is to return the current back to mains.

Why Earth Pin Is Longer

First, I will discuss why the earth pin is longer then I will discuss why it is thick. When we insert the plug into a socket the earth pin will first get connected to ground and then after neutral and phase will get connected, this what happens means that the body of load or equipment will become free from leakage current and it is very safe for human beings from shock.

While removing the plug, the earth pin will be disconnected at last. The main purpose of the earth pin to be longer is to ensure safety first.

Why Earth Pin Is Thicker

Consider that all three pins are of the same size if anybody while inserting the plug into the socket if they insert the earth pin by chance in phase, then the current will flow through the body of equipment, if someone is operating the equipment if he/she touches the body then he will get a shock and he may die. Now consider if earth pin is thicker if somebody inserted plug by chance or try to insert earth pin in phase they can not insert because the earth pin size is thinker it can not go inside the phase. so, guys, this is the reason why earth pin is thick.

So, guys, I think you all got the reason why the earth pin is thick and long compared to other pins.

I hope this article may help you all a lot.

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