Best Engineering Branch For Future

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the best engineering branch for the future, the best engineering branch to choose for students which will be helpful for them after graduation.

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Best Engineering Branch For Future

Hey, guys engineering is not only a degree it also decides your carrier. So after completing 12th if you are confused to choose branch then don’t worry, in this article, I will tell you all about the benefits of all branches which are there in engineering, and I will also discuss the future scope of all the branches.

There are many branches in engineering among them main branches are electrical and electronics engineering, electronics and communication engineering, computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc. in these five branches many students will take admission. Let’s discuss step by step everything.

Once if you are done with 12th, then I will suggest you find your passion in which field you have more interest if your interest is in building or construction then join civil engineering, or else if you interest is in electricity, power plants, circuits then take admission in electrical and electronics engineering or else if your interest is in coding then join for computer science or else if your passion is in circuit design, communication networks then join electronics and communication engineering or if your passion is in hardware, gears, metals then take admission in mechanical engineering.

Give first priority to your passion and interest, if you become a master in that field then no one can stop you to get a good job.

Now let’s discuss the future scope of each branch.

01. Electrical And Electronics Engineering

The future scope of electrical and electronics engineering is more without electricity no industry nor IT company will work. If you have completed graduation then you will have many opportunities in government sectors like power plants, substations, distribution companies, etc and the package is also high with good facilities. In the private sector also you get a job with a high package. The electrical engineering branch deals with the generation, transmission, circuits, electronics, etc. The scope of this branch is always constant.

02. Electronics And Communication Engineering

The scope of electronics and communication is also good because this branch deals with an embedded system, circuit design, chip design, networking, etc. The embedded system scope is more, nowadays many multi-national companies are based on an embedded system and VLSI. Many students after completing graduation they take 3 to 6-month training in an embedded system and after completing training they take a good job with a high package salary.

03. Computer Science

The scope of this branch is very high, once you have completed graduation in computer science then immediately you will get a good job with a high package salary. This branch will deal with programming. Nowadays, coding is required in every sector without cs branch no system nor automation system works, each and everything is dependent on coding. You can join this branch to get a job immediately.

04. Civil Engineering

The scope of this branch is also good. This branch deals with construction, building, bridge, etc. Nowadays, civil engineers are required in every place where construction is required. If your passion is in this then you can join these branches.

05. Mechanical Engineering

Nowadays, the scope of mechanical engineering is very low because every machine is now come up with automation which does not require a mechanical engineer. The scope is very low you can get a job only in industry-based companies.

So, guys, these are the main branches in engineering still many other branches are there but many students will like to choose these five branches only.

Conclusion: I suggest you all follow your passion once you become a master in that field then you can get a good job with a high package salary.

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I hope this article may help you all a lot.

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