MCQ Or Quiz On DC Motor

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Quiz On DC Motor

01. The motor which has no-load speed highest?

  1. Shunt motor
  2. Series motor
  3. Cumulative compound motor
  4. Differentiate compound motor

Ans: b

02. In the dc series motor, the direction of rotation can be changed by?

  1. interchanging supply terminals
  2. interchanging field terminals
  3. either of (a) and (b) above
  4. None of the above

Ans: b

03. The high starting torque motor is required for which application?

  1. Lathe machine
  2. Centrifugal pump
  3. Locomotive
  4. Air blower

Ans: c

04. For the conveyor, which dc motor is best suitable?

  1. Series motor
  2. Shunt motor
  3. Differentially compound motor
  4. Cumulative compound motor

Ans: a

05. For machine tools which dc motor is suitable?

  1. Series motor
  2. Shunt motor
  3. Cumulative compound motor
  4. Differential compound motor

Ans: b

06. The differentially compound dc motor has?

  1. high starting torque
  2. low starting torque
  3. variable speed
  4. frequent on-off cycles

Ans: b

07. For the elevator which motor is used?

  1. Shunt motor
  2. Series motor
  3. Differential compound motor
  4. Cumulative compound motor

Ans: d

08. While dc motor running if the field of motor disconnected means?

  1. the motor speed will reduce
  2. the armature current will reduce
  3. the motor will attain dangerously high speed
  4. the motor will continue to normal constant speed

Ans: c

09. In the dc motor, the starter is used because?

  1. the dc motor has high starting torque
  2. the dc motors are not self-starting
  3. the motor back emf is zero at starting
  4. to reduce armature current because at starting back emf is zero

Ans: d

10. The load is reduced in the dc motor what will happens?

  1. the speed will increase abruptly
  2. in the proportion of load, the speed increases
  3. the speed will remain normally constant
  4. the speed will reduce

Ans: c

11. The dc motor is that which?

  1. has its field winding consisting of less turn and thick wires
  2. has a poor torque
  3. can be started easily without load
  4. has an almost constant speed

Ans: a

12. The starter is required for dc motor at starting because?

  1. it limits the speed of the motor
  2. it takes the starting current to a safe value
  3. it starts the motor
  4. none of the above

Ans: b

13. For shears and punches, which type of motor is used?

  1. shunt motor
  2. series motor
  3. differential compound D.C. motor
  4. cumulative compound D.C. motor

Ans: d

14. If ac supply is given to the dc motor, the motor?

  1. run at normal speed
  2. not run
  3. run at a slower speed
  4. burn because by eddy current heat will be produced in dc motor

Ans: d

15. Without wastage of electrical energy, the speed of the dc motor is getting to normal by?

  1. Ward Leonard control
  2. rheostatic control
  3. any of the above method
  4. none of the above method

Ans: a

16. If two dc motors are connected parallel to each other the resultant speed is?

  1. more than the normal speed
  2. less than the normal speed
  3. normal speed
  4. zero

Ans: c

17. The speed in dc motor is?

  1. independent of armature current
  2. directly proportional to the armature current
  3. proportional to the square of the current
  4. inversely proportional to the armature current

Ans: a

18. The D O L starter is used for motors?

  1. up to 5 H.P.
  2. up to 10 H.P.
  3. up to 15 H.P.
  4. up to 20 H.P.

Ans: a

19. If back emf in dc motor suddenly vanishes what will happens?

  1. The motor will stop
  2. The motor will continue to run
  3. The armature may burn
  4. The motor will run noisily

Ans: c

20. Nowadays the dc motors are widely used in?

  1. pumping sets
  2. air compressors
  3. electric traction
  4. machine shops

Ans: c

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