50 Tips To Save Electricity At Home, Shop, Industry, Office

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss 50 tips to save electricity or how to save electricity. If you require an article on some other topics then comment us below in the comment box. You can also catch me @ Instagram – Chetan Shidling.

Nowadays, everyone wants to save electricity to save money. Saving electricity has lots of advantages such as low pollution due to power plants, can save lots of money, etc. Electricity at your home can be saved by many methods which I will discuss below.

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How To Save Electricity At Home, Shop, Industry, Office

01. Open windows – Open windows of your house during the day time, use natural light which will save your electricity and also your room will fill with fresh air. Many people will do this mistake they will close the windows of there house during the day and also during the night, by this the electricity bill of the house will increase. You can close windows during night time.

02. Turn off lights – Guys, turn off light when you are not present at the room. Many people will do this mistake that they turn on light when they enter the room and forget to turn off light while going out of the room.

03. Don’t use AC – Avoid using AC during winter and rainy season, you should use AC during the summer season only. Lots of people will use air conditioners for a complete year, they will use the air conditioners in winter, rainy, and also in the summer season. I suggest you use ceiling fans during the winter and rainy season.

04. Avoid more opening of the fridge – Open the doors of the fridge only when it is necessary, avoid unnecessary use of the fridge. The opening of the door is almost done by kids, tell your kids to avoid unnecessary opening of the door.

05. Use LED lights – Guys, use LED lights at your home, shops, industry, etc because LED lights will consume less energy compared to other lights. The cost of LED tube light is high compared to the fluorescent tube but LED light has lots of benefits. 

06. Turn off TV switch – See whether you have turned off the TV when you are going to sleep. Many people will keep the TV turn on the whole night by doing this the electricity consumption in the house will increase. So unplug the TV when you are going to sleep or out of the station.

07. Avoid overflow of the tank – Turn on the motor at the exact time and avoid overflow of the tank, by doing this properly you can save both water and electricity. Almost in every house, the motor is turned on until the tank gets overflow, and people want to see the water. You can use the water level controller for the tank.

08. Turn off switch after removing your phone from charge – By doing this you can save little electricity. Many people when they remove the phone from charging they forget to turn off the switch. So try to turn off the switch to save electricity.

09. Reuse wastewater which comes from water purifier – To purify one liter of water, water purifier wastes 2 liters of water. You can reuse the water for car washing, floor cleaning, bike washing, etc.

10. Use rainwater harvesting – You can collect lots of water during the rainy season by rainwater harvesting, by which you can save electricity by not turning on the motor and to fill the tank. You can also use water for plants, to wash cars or bike, etc.

11. Replace old motors – Avoid using old motors which will consume more energy. Use the latest motor which is available in the market which consumes less energy. The cost of a motor is also less nowadays with high efficiency and RPM.

12. Use ELCB – Use the earth leakage circuit breaker, whenever there will be a leakage in current then earth leakage circuit breaker will trip. You can use both MCB as well as ELCB to avoid leakage of current.

13. Use basket of water while the bath – Instead of taking a shower take a bucket of water for the bath which saves lots of water and electricity. Do shower once or twice in a week it will be best. 

14. Educate your children – Educate your children about the importance of electricity. Tell your kids to turn on lights, fans, and other appliances when it is not required. Many kids keep the lights and fans of the room turn on, which will increase the electricity bill.

15. Turn off the fan in the morning – Turn off the fan of the room in the morning, many people will do this to save electricity, as there will be cold in the morning if you turn off the fan and no one will shot on you.

16. Use IoT technology –  Many people are adopting IoT technology for there house to make life easy. By using IoT you can turn off lights, fans, and other appliances by using the phone. If your fridge door is opening then an alert message will be sent to your phone to close the door of the fridge.

17. Use tissue paper in the toilet – Yaa instead of water try to use tissue paper in the toilet which will save water. Many countries use tissue paper in the toilet instead of water.

18. Regular maintenance of appliances – Guys, maintain your appliances and check whether it is working under good condition or not. 

19. Try to use fan then AC – Yaa, try to use the fan during the winter and rainy season by which you can save electricity. Ceiling fan consumes less energy compared to the air conditioners.

20. Don’t use more lights in one room – Use only one light in the room if everything is visible properly. Many people use two or more lights in one room by which electricity usage will increase. If you are reading or doing something work then you can use two lights.

21. Use standard company appliances – Avoid using low quality of appliances which not only consumes more power but also gets failed very soon. Good quality appliances will cost you more at the beginning but it will work for a long period.

22. Check your battery and inverter – Check your battery and inverter is working properly or not. If your battery is not working properly then it will take more energy for charging. Also, check the liquid level in the battery, if the acid level is low then the battery will not give proper backup.

23. Replace fuse by MCB – Guys, if you are using fuse then I suggest you replace it with MCB. The fuse sometimes causes a short circuit and may burn the wires, if you are using MCB then it will trip and later you can fix it manually. Short circuits cause a loss in energy.

24. Use the washing machine twice in a week – Always try to use a washing machine with a full load. Use all your clothes for a wash at once. If you use the washing machine daily then the electricity bill will definitely increase.

25. Proper use of heating coil – If you are using the heating coil to heat the water before bath then turn off the coil at the correct time, avoid overheating of water. Many people will overheat the water when they use a coil to heat the water by which the electricity consumption will increase.

26. Use dishwasher – Instead of washing plates with water manually, use a dishwasher to wash which will use less water to clean. If you wash manually then lots of water is required and lots of water will also get wasted.

27. Use good quality of wires – Always use good company wire in your house, shops, industries, etc. If you use poor quality of wire then you will face lots of problems like a short circuit, insulation failure, etc which will cause energy loss and thereby increases the consumption of electricity.

28. Reuse wastewater for plants – I suggest you reuse the water which you are using to wash plates in the kitchen, use the water for plants which will again save water and electricity.

29. Avoid reusing appliances – If your old appliance is failed then avoid reusing it, instead buy a new one. If you reuse an appliance which was failed it will again give you lots of problems. I suggest you avoid this, many people will make this mistake of resuing appliances.

30. Use a bucket of water while cleaning a bike or car instead of pipe – If you use a pipe for cleaning a car or bike then lots of water will get wasted, so instead of pipe use a bucket of water to clean a car or bike.

31. Use a bucket of water for watering plants – Also use a bucket of water for watering the plating, it will save lots of water, therefore saves electricity. 

32. Turn off taps immediately – Avoid unnecessary opening of taps, many people open taps to wash hands and legs but they will not turn off the tap immediately. If you save more water and you don’t need to turn on the motor for more times.

33. Avoid using lights during a day at shops – Turn off lights at your shop during day time or use-less lights during the day and more during evening time, which will reduce the consumption of electricity.

34. Reuse wastewater from AC for floor cleaning – Don’t waste the water which is coming out from the air conditioner, use it for floor cleaning or for cleaning car and bike.

35. Clean and check the water tank regularly – See whether there is any leakage in the water tank or not. If there is a leakage then lots of water will get wasted. And also clean the tank regularly once or twice a month.

36. Use Siri and Alexa – Use Siri and Alexa to turn off lights, fans, and other appliances if you are a lazy person. 

37. Use tabs instead of a computer for study – If you are studying some ebooks or pdf on the computer then avoid it, start studying in a tab which will save electricity. Many students do this mistake of studying ebook in pc.

38. Avoid wasting time on social media – Yaa, this is funny but it is also important, if you spend more time on social media then your battery of phone will reduce again you will keep a phone on charging, so avoid it, spend less time in social media.

39. Turn off lights when you are sleeping – Many people will make a mistake that when they go for sleep they will not turn off their lights which will again increase the consumption of electricity.

40. Put lamp holder at the corner of the room – If you put lamp or light at the corner of the room then the light gets reflected more, you don’t need to use more lights, only one light is sufficient if you fix holder at a corner.

41. Switch to the solar water heater – If you are using an electric coil for heating the water then switch the solar water heater, initially, it will cost you more but later it will reduce your electricity bill. Buy good companies’ solar water heater.

42. Wash clothes with cold water – Many people will wash their clothes in hot water, so try to wash clothes with cold water which will again reduce your electricity bill.

43. Use stabilizer – Use stabilizer which will avoid fluctuations in voltage, if you are not using stabilizer then suppose if the voltage gets fluctuated then your appliances may get damaged and it will also cause energy loss, so use a stabilizer.

44. Turn off decoration lights in a shop during daylight – If you are using decoration lights at your shop then turn off during day time and turn on during night time. In the day time, even though if you turn on lights it will be not visible, so try to turn off decoration lights.

45. Avoid fluorescent tubes – Avoid using fluorescent tubes which will consume more energy compared to CFL and LED. Nowadays, you will get LED tubes but the cost of the LED tube is high compared to the cost of a fluorescent tube, but the LED tube will consume less energy and it will save electricity.

46. Replace old ceiling fans – If you are using old ceiling fans at your house, shops, or industry then replace it by new ceiling fans which will consume less energy compared to old ceiling fans.

47. Replace switches with a new one – If your house has old switchboards or old switches in it then replace immediately because it may cause a short circuit which is again big problem and will affect your appliances also and also cause more energy loss.

48. Bath with cold water twice in a week – Avoid using hot water daily if you are using heating coil, take a bath with cold water which will keep you fit and also save electricity. You can take a bath with hot water once or twice a week.

49. Use mixers with a full load – Use grinder or mixer with full load means, suppose if you have juice shop then use a mixer with a full load. if one customer wants orange juice then wait for a few minutes another customer comes he also wants orange juice then makes two glass of orange juice at a time which will reduce the electricity bill.

50. Use a water level indicator for tank – Use water level indicator to avoid overflow of the tank which will again save water and electricity.

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