Top 10 Electrical Engineer Tools Must Have

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss some Top 10 Electrical Engineer Tools Must Have or tools that are important for electrical engineers.

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Electrical Engineer Tools

01. Safety Gloves – Guys, the world is nothing without life so always remember one thing safety is first. The safety gloves are usually made up of synthetic rubber which can withstand 12KV.

02. Line Tester – The line tester is a very important tool for an electrician without a line tester electrician can’t work. The line tester is used to check the supply in the line. 

03. Pliers – It is used to bend the conductors and to hold the object firmly. 

04. Wire Stripper – It is also an important tool for electronics as well as electrical students. It is used to peel the insulation of the wire, it is very useful while connecting the wires.

05. Screw Driver – It is used for the removal of screws and insertion of screws and to tight the terminals. Usually, the screwdrivers are of two types one is + screwdriver and another one is – screwdriver.

06. Knife – Knife is a very useful tool during wiring to cut the tapes and wires. We can also strip wires using the knife.

07. Electrical Tape – It is also called as insulation tape. It is used to tie two wires or to provide insulation for the conductor. It has a high dielectric property.

08. Measuring Tape – The measuring tape is used to measure the length of the conduit pipe. It is also an important tool in all sectors.

09. Multimeter – The multimeter is a device that is used to find out the voltage, current, resistance of the various ranges. It is also used to check whether the earthing is their or not. 

10. Clamp Meter – The clamp meter is used to measure the current but without touching the wire. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction principle.

Guys, these are the top 10 tools that every electrical engineer or electrician must carry. I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading.

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