How To Install Solar Power Plant, Cost, Land, Revenue, Price For Units

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss how to install solar power plant, cost, land, revenue, the price for units, which type of land is suitable for solar power plant, how much revenue you will generate from the solar power plant, how much money the government pays you for one unit, etc. Everything I will explain in detail.

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How To Install Solar Power Plant

Nowadays, many people are interested to install solar power plants because it gives them a passive income, the only initial investment is required after that no investment. The solar power plant also has many advantages such as eco-friendly, easy to install, low maintenance cost, safety, etc.

The government is also supporting solar power plants, the government is also giving subsidy for solar power plants. Let’s talk about the one-megawatt power plant.

1MW Solar Power Plant

The cost of installing a one-megawatt solar power plant varies from 4 to 5 crores. The land required for a one-megawatt solar power plant is 1.5 hectares or 15000 square meters. For solar power plants always use wasteland. The selection of land location is also important. The land should be located in such a place that there should be always sunny like a desert so that the maximum amount of energy can be produced.

The land should also be nearest to the load center otherwise transmission cost will be more. Besides the land, there should not be any hills and buildings which will avoid the sun rays to fall on solar panels. Thus, land selection is very important. Next comes solar panels, buy good quality of solar panels, if you buy the low quality of solar panels then they can’t give proper output and they can’t be used for a long period, so buy a solar panel of good companies.

Next comes inverters, don’t buy only one inverter, buy one more inverter for backup to avoid a shutdown, if one inverter fails you can use another inverter.

How much money we can generate from the one-megawatt solar power plant? Well, daily we can generate 1000 units per hour, now let’s calculate for day = 1000 units * hours (sun fall on panel) = 1000 * 5 (assume) = 5000 units per day.

Now calculate for one month, 5000 * 30 days = 150,000 units per month. If you sell the energy produced to the government, the government pays 4 to 5 rupees for one unit (it also depends upon states and country) now we will assume 4 rupees. The total amount per month = 150,000 * 4 = 6 lakhs. In 6 lakhs, remove one lakh for maintenance and technician salaries, the profit for one month is around 5 lakhs. To recover your initial investment i.e., 4 crores it takes 10 to 12 years or sometimes more. 

You should wait for many years to get profit from solar power plants. If you have more amount then you can install a solar power plant.

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