Difference Between AWS, Microsoft Azure, And Google Cloud

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the difference between AWS, Microsoft Azure, and google cloud, what is an AWS, what is a Microsoft azure, what is a google cloud, etc.

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Difference Between AWS, Microsoft Azure, And Google Cloud

AWS or Amazon Web Service

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. This is a subsidiary of Amazon.com which provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to a single person, to companies, and to governments. On a paid subscription basis with a free tier option that will be available for 12 months. Amazon is completely dependent on the infrastructure of AWS. AWS has launched in 2006. It’s having many services like amazon cloud, AWS lambda, Amazon S3.

Microsoft Azure

This is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help organizations meet your business challenges. Azure has launched in 2011 with the Intend to provide a complete cloud computing platform to businesses. It has named “ Microsoft Azure” in 2014, this as shown a huge process among its competitors.

Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform has offered by Google, which is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on this same infrastructure, that Google uses internally for its end-user products like Google search engine, YouTube, and more. But now they have introduced their enterprise services, so that anyone can use Google Cloud platforms that share a similar infrastructure as that of Google search or YouTube.

Difference Between AWS, Microsoft Azure, And Google Cloud

01. Amazon Web Services is having 66 availability zones with 12 more on the way. Azure is having 54 regions worldwide and this is available in 140 countries all over the world. Google cloud platform has made available 20 regions in World, with three more on their way.

02. AWS is leading with 30% of public cloud share in its name. Microsoft Azure is in second place and it has owned around 16 % of market share worldwide. Google cloud platform is in 3rd place and it is owned up to 10% of market share worldwide.

03. AWS is having a high profile and customers with time like Netflix, Unilever, BMW, Airbnb, Samsung, Zynga, etc. Azure is having 80% of Fortune and 500 company customers. Those are Johnson Controls, Apple, Honeywell, Fuji film, Polycom, etc. The major clients of Google Cloud platforms are PayPal, 20th-century fox, HSBC, Domino’s, Bloomberg, and many more.

04. AWS is offering around 200+ services whereas azure is offering around 100+ services and google cloud platform is offering 60+ services.

05. AWS is providing instances of virtual machines and virtual servers. Azure is providing the virtual hard disc. Virtual machine instances will be provided by the Google Cloud Platform.

06. AWS applies a charge to its users per hour. Azure applies a charge to its customers as per minute. Google cloud also charges per minute.

07. Amazon cloud search is used in AWS. Azure Research is used in Microsoft azure. This is not there in Google Cloud.

08. Kinesis is used in AWS for Analytics. In the case of Azure, Azure steam analytics is used. In the google cloud platform, cloud data flow, and cloud data preparation is used for analytics.

09. AWS Cloud HSM is used for compliance. In the case of azure, azure trust center is used for compliance. Google cloud platform security for compliance.

10. For automation, AWS opsWork and config are used for automation. Azure automation is used for automation in the case of azure. Compute engine management with the puppet and chef is used for automation for Google Cloud.

11. The glacier is used for archive storage in AWS. Cold line is used for archive storage in azure and google cloud.

12. ECS is used as docker management in AWS. Container service is used for azure. In the case of Google Cloud, Google container engine is used for docker management.

13. In AWS Lambda is used for serverless computing. Azure functions are used for serverless computing in the azure. Cloud functions will be used for serverless computing in the google cloud.

14. Device farm is used in AWS for app testing. Dev test labs will be used in azure for app testing. Cloud test lab is used in GCP for app testing.

15. 128 can be the maximum processor in VM in the case of AWS. In the case of azure this can be 128. In the case of google cloud it’s only 96.

These was about the difference between AWS, Microsoft Azure, and google cloud. I hope this article may you all a lot. Thank you for reading. If you have any doubts related to this article “difference between AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud”, then comment below.

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