Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects For Engineering Students

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog in this article, I will discuss the top 10 raspberry pi projects for engineering students.

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Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects For Engineering Students

10. Build a TOR Router

TOR is a browser that provides access to this mesmerising part of the internet. An infamous browser will use hundreds of different systems. This is the best type of Raspberry Pi project. You have to use raspbian OS for these raspberry projects which requires anonymity. You need to programme your Raspberry Pi. Instal TOR in your pi and make sure that the TOR service will be automatically started on boot.

09. Wireless Print Server

If you have an old unused printer in the basement, then you can clean it up and you can make a wireless printer server. You require a Raspberry Pi Board, a storage space. The print server will be accessed from any device. You have to use Raspberry Pi 3 for this system as it comes with built-in wireless support. We will use Samba to allow windows devices to use your Raspberry Pi print server. Then connect printer to the system and then you will be ready for some printing.

08. Home Automation System

The purpose of this project is to build a home automation system that controls your home appliances by sitting at any corner of the world. You can handle such appliances in numerous ways. You have to use a 4 channel relay model and you need to set up that relay model for your Raspberry Pi first. You have to use GPIO pin number 6 of your pi board to connect the relay circuit. We can make use of protocols like MQTT to connect large number of devices and sensors.

07. Build A Smart TV

The purpose of this project is to build a TV by using an old PC monitor and a Raspberry Pi computer. This is one of the best projects of Raspberry Pi to improve our home entertainment system. If I have to utilize the OMX Image Viewer software. To these types of raspberry projects, you need to install a libjepg 8- dev and libpng12-dev module inside your raspberry pi. You can also set up Kodi to get improvement in your smart tv project.

06. Build A Raspberry Pi Twitch Bot

Twitch is a live video streaming platform that will be used worldwide to stream live shows or events. You will be able to stream the gameplay of multiplayer games like pubg. You have to sign up for twitch and get a twitch OAuth taken which will be needed for this project. The twitch moderator bot will be programmed using Python language. Then you have to configure Raspberry Pi to start to twitch bot while starting.

05. Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi Extender

A Wi-Fi extender is a device which extends the range of area where we have wireless connectivity. To build a Wi-Fi extender, we will make use of Raspberry Pi as a major component. This project deals with common internet problem and it allows us to showcase influential Raspberry Pi projects to friends. You have to set up a Wi-Fi extender model by configuring the WPA-supplicant.conf file inside your raspberry pi. You have to restart your DHCPD service and then adjust the hostapd configuration of Raspberry Pi. You have to build a solid case to protect the Wi-Fi extender. Then add a VPN server to raspberry projects to get additional functionality.

04. Motion Capture Security System

The purpose of this project is to build an HD camera surveillance system that captures live video whenever something moves in the monitored area. We can take the same pi camera that we have used for the time-lapse project. They must be able to live stream for any web browser or mobile device. Your camera should be able to record motion into a video file on demand. For this project, you have to use the Raspberry Pi camera model.

03. Raspberry Pi As a VPN Server

VPN servers will be used to access the Internet from behind the safe access point. You can easily curate the Raspberry Pi projects that access your dedicated VPN server for scratch with the NAS server. This project requires to handle the networking activities of your pi. You will not be having only cutting edge, but also can save huge money on monthly subscriptions. We have to use Pi VPN, open VPN server implementation for this system. You have to configure a static IP address for your Raspberry board. You have to make use of 2048 bit RSA encryption. Then you need to install the Pi VPN GUI to manage users and adding new devices conveniently.

02. Time Lapse Camera

The purpose of this project is to build a time-lapse camera which is one of the buses to the Raspberry Pi project. We can build a time-lapse Raspberry Project by utilizing the blink addon of your raspberry pi board. A camera will be attached to a wearable item to allow you to see for yourself what the camera is seeing. We need either a pi camera or a pi-noir camera with a compatible cable and a pie board to di this project. You have to attach the camera to the pi board and the camera might need to enable first. Here you have to use Python programme to code the time-lapse portion of your project.

01. Network Monitoring Tool

The purpose of this project is to build a hand in network monitor to monitor the network. This allows you to monitor the network activities of your server conveniently. Similar to other Internet-based Raspberry Pi projects this project tests even network skills and it aggravates the expertise that is required for future complex Raspberry Pi projects. For this project, we have to select Nagios Pi, a lightweight server monitoring distro. You have to configure the monitoring preferences of Nagios Pi to monitor your network traffic properly. You have to attach a display to your Pi board like however, you want your system to look. You can also carve out solid outer layer to protect the mainboard by making use of a 3D printer.

I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading. Now you are clear with the top 10 raspberry pi projects for engineering students.

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