Top 10 Electronics Companies In India

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 electronics companies in India and I will also share some information about each company.

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Electronics Companies

For the growth of the economy in India, the most important components are electronic components. The need for products which are produced by electronic companies is high. Billions of people are employed in one of the many electronic companies in India. So let’s see which are the top 10 electronic companies in India that are for employment and produce goods that will be used throughout the country.

10. The Samtel Group

As we know Samtel is the most famous company in the production of colored Tv monitors in India. They do more than that of course, and nowadays their display monitors and TV tubes are the lightings up devices around the country.

09. Centum Electronics

This company has made solid progress in growth and development and this has begun in 1994. This company produces equipment and materials that are sold around the world. It mainly deals with medical, telecommunication, defense industries space. The job opportunities offered by this company are many and varied.

08. Amara Raja

This is a very interesting electronics company. The world fixated on finding a cheaper and better battery, Specially for the automotive industry looking to reduce our reliance on oil. These batteries will be having the capacity to provide lighting for people in remote and outlying locations. These batteries are a lifesaver in many situations.

07. 3M India

This is one of the fastest-growing company which is operating in various areas including automated electronics and Healthcare. They make different types of electronic products which will be sold around the world. The example is privacy philtres that are found in laptop computers and in desktop.

06. Honeywell or hail (Honeywell automation India Limited)

This company provides software solutions for use with electronics. Hail is head in its field with 9 different branches that are spread around India. It has a massive turnover and as such could be considered a Fortune 500 company. The student who is having an interest in software development will find Honeywell an ideal potential employer.

05. Bharat Electronics Limited

This is not a private enterprise, but this is a part of the government. This company has continued to grow since its inception in Bangalore in the year of 1954. Presently this company specialises in defence, and medical electronics. This is not unusual as it has begun life as a part of the Ministry of defence.

04. Aar-em Electronics

RM Electronics company is also called as champion ups, that is an acronym for uninterruptible power supplies. This company has begun in 1989 and manufacturing power-related electronic system since 1989. The company, which includes a powerful word like uninterrupted as a part of its name, will be obviously a company with high and exacting standards.

03. Bosch in India

Bosch’s name is well known around the world. This company has been creating and providing the electronics to the automotive and entertainment sectors for generations. Many graduates may like to do work in a Bosch and they try their luck at designing or building something unique in the world of electronics.

02. Bajaj Electronics

This company is in business for 70 years and these days this is one of the biggest companies with the most popular brands all over India. This company is having around 20 offices in different parts of our country. It specializes in many areas like lights, fans, luminaries, and also in engineering and projects. This company has developed the use of power-saving lights.

01. Philips Electronics India

This company is not the only the largest operator of electronics locally, but also this is one of the largest operators in the world. The word Philips is associated with lighting, lights, and lamps for decades. Philips company is trying to create a better product like many other electronics companies. They work hard for the creation of innovations and they will be always looking to reduce the costs of productions. This is having a genuine commitment to green energy and strives to produce equipment that is both friendly to the environment and super effective too.

These are the top 10 electronics companies in india. I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading. If you have any doubts on this article “electronics companies”, then comment below.

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