Top 09 EDA Tools For VLSI Chip Design

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the top 09 EDA tools for VLSI chip design, What is a VLSI, Why VLSI engineers are required, Why demand of VLSI engineers is increasing day by day, etc.

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EDA Tools For VLSI Chip Design

What is a VLSI?

VLSI means a very large scale integrated circuit which consists of millions of transistors. By using millions of transistors chip is designed. Examples of VLSI chips are a microprocessor, micro-controller, memories, etc.

Why VLSI engineers are required?

VLSI engineers are required to design chips such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, memories, etc due to this digital world daily a lot of data is getting generated to store data, and information memories are required, but to manufacture those memories, VLSI engineers are required.

That’s why the demand of VLSI engineers is increasing day by day.

Why EDA tools are used?

EDA tools are used to design and verify circuits. By using EDA tools we can design schematic, layout of chip and then we can also verify design such as design rule check (it checks area or distance between metal to metal or poly to metal), LVS check means it compares layout design with schematic design. Therefore, EDA tools are used to design and verify the circuits.

Now, I will discuss the top 09 EDA tools for VLSI chip design and I will also share some information about each tools.

EDA Tools For VLSI Chip Design

09. Alliance

The alliance is a full set of free CAD tools and compact libraries for VLSI design. It holds a VHDL compiler and simulator, logic synthesis tools, and automatic place and route tools. A full set of compact CMOS libraries is given. The alliance is the result of a twelve-year work spent at the SoC department of LIP5 laboratory of the Pierre & Marie Curie University. Alliance has done used for research projects so as the 875000 transistors super-scalar microprocessor. Alliance VLSI CAD system is free software, binaries, source code, and cell libraries are freely accessible under the General Public License.

08. Glade

Glade is an IC layout and schematic editor capable of learning and writing simple EDA formats. With made-in DRC, extraction, and LVS you can produce and verify schematics and layout in a single customizable tool. Glade can load and present large design databases with its fast, lightweight object-oriented database. Delivered now for over 15 years, Glade held the first free layout editor accessible for windows. Glade is extendable employing python scripting, providing access to the database and GUI via SWIG wrapping of C++ functions.

07. Silvaco

Silvaco provides a full IC-CAD design flow which consists of circuit simulation, design capture, physical verification, layout design, parasitic extraction and reduction, and post-layout which consists of statistical variation, IR-drop/EM.

06. Electric

The electric VLSI design system is an EDA tool was discovered in 1980s. This tool is used to draw schematics and layout of integrated circuit. Electric tool can also handle hardware description languages such as verilog and VHDL. This tool has many synthesis and analysis tools such as design rule check, routing, layout versus schematic, etc.

05. Tanner

Tanner EDA(electronic design automation) offers a complete line of software solutions for the layout, design, and verification of analog and mixed-signal ICs (integrated circuits). Tanner’s solution includes tools for circuit simulation, schematic entry, waveform probing, full-custom layout editing, routing and placement, netlist extraction, and design rule check (DRC) verification.

04. Xilinx

The Xilinx is a tool created by Xilinx for analysis and synthesis of the HDL designs, and it will also help developers to synthesize their design, examine register transfer level (RTL) diagrams, perform timing analysis, etc.

03. Mentor Graphics

The mentor system IC design tool features ahead, high performance, simple-to-use schematic and layout editor, alliance with best-in-class circuit simulators, and combination with calibre, the industry-leading solution for parasitic extraction, design rule checking, and physical verification.

02. Synopsys

Synopsys is an EDA company that offers silicon design and verification. This tool includes logic synthesis, route and place, behavioral synthesis, static timing analysis, HDL simulators, format verification, and transistor-level circuit simulation.

01. Cadence Virtuoso

The cadence virtuoso design platform allows integrated circuit designers to design layout, schematic, create test-bench, and also DRC (design rule check) verification, LVS (layout versus schematic) verification, parasitic capacitance verification, with community support and libraries. Cadence is a very popular tool for VLSI chip design.

These are the top 09 EDA tools for VLSI chip design. I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading. If you have any doubts related to this article”top 09 EDA tools for VLSI chip design”, then comment below.

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