Future Scope Of Electric Vehicle In India, Challenges Which We Face

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss what is an electric vehicle, what is the future scope of electric vehicles, the benefits of electric vehicles, what are the challenges which we Indian face if people will start using electric vehicles, etc. Each and everything I will try to explain in a simple way.

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Future Scope Of Electric Vehicle In India, Challenges Which We Face

Nowadays, people are started to buy electric vehicles whether it may be in India or some other countries like the US, Dubai, etc. The demand for electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Well, let’s discuss a few important things about electric vehicles.

What Is An Electric Vehicle?

An Electric Vehicle is nothing but which operates on an electric motor, whereas the diesel vehicles work on an internal combustion engine that generates power by burning a mix of gases and fuels. The motors used may be induction motor or brushless dc motor it depends on the manufacturers.

Future Scope Of Electric Vehicle?

The future scope of an electric vehicle is very high because India is a large market to sell electric vehicles and India is a populated country. The market for electric vehicles in India will be more profitable.

Benefits Of Electric Vehicle?

Electric Vehicles have many benefits or advantages compared to diesel or petrol engine vehicles. Let’s discuss a few benefits of electric vehicles.

01. Reduces Emission – By using an electric vehicle we can reduce pollution in the country.

02. Saves Fuel Cost – Electric vehicle needs an electric supply to charge the battery there is no need for petrol or diesel which will reduce your fuel cost.

03. Less Noise – The electric vehicle produces less noise compared to a diesel or petrol engine.

Challenges Which We Will Face In India?

If many people will start to use the electric vehicles in India then we all will face lots of challenges in upcoming days. Well, I will discuss below what are the challenges which we Indians face in upcoming days.

01. Average Price – The average price of an electric vehicle is high compared to petrol or diesel engine vehicles. If the price of an electric vehicle is more than a diesel or petrol engine vehicle then the people will buy petrol engine vehicles because of the low cost. If the price of an electric vehicle will be less around 5-8 lakhs rupees then people in India will buy an electric vehicle.

Let’s take an example of some companies, recently Mahindra company launched electric vehicle the cost was around 10 lakhs only a few people in India buy this car because the cost was high with fewer features compared to petrol or diesel vehicles and the BMW i8 the cost is around 2.62 crores rupees only 0.001% people will buy it.

So guys, overall the cost of electric vehicles should be less.

02. Charging Stations – To charge the electric vehicle we need a charging station but in India, only a few places, there is a charging station such as in Delhi and Bangalore. If people in small cities start using an electric vehicle then they face the challenge of charging stations.

03. Lithium-Ion – The lithium-ion batteries are required to run electric vehicles which are not produced in India. Well, we don’t have lithium reserves in India. We are importing from other countries. To manufacture the electric vehicle a large amount of lithium-ion is required but we are importing it from China or some other countries.

Well, guys, these are the top three challenges which we all will face in India.

I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading.

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