Final Year Projects For Electrical Engineering

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Projects For Electrical Engineering

01. Power Generation By Speed Breaker

By using this method you can generate electricity, when any vehicle passes through the speed breaker, due to the weight of vehicles electricity is generated. This project requires only a few equipments such as a power generator, gear system, etc.

02. Smart Energy Meter

This one is the latest project. The purpose of this project is to generate bills automatically and send the electricity bill, units consumed, load consumed to our mobile phone as a message. This system can be installed in every house and it consists of GSM that is used to send a message to the owner. The owner’s account detail will also be linked with this system so that automatically the amount will be deducted from the bank and the owner will receive two messages one of the electricity bills and another message of bank. This project is best for engineers and also for diploma students.

03. Wireless Transmission Of Electricity

This is one of the most famous projects for electrical students. Many students are nowadays interested to make a tesla coil called the Witricity (Wireless Transmission Of Electricity). To make this project you require copper coils, components, etc. It consists of two coils one is a transmitter and another one is the receiver. The electricity is transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves. For more information search on google tesla coil.

04. Roadside Power Generation

By the vertical axis wind turbine, electricity can be generated on the roadside which further can be used for street lights. When the vehicle passes through the road due to wind forced produced by vehicle the wind turbine rotates and then electricity is generated. This project is also good to make which is eco-friendly power generation. 


The SCADA software stands for is supervisory control and data acquisition. This system is used in power plants, substations, etc to monitor and to find problems in equipment. By using the SCADA system the life of equipment increases by regularly checking system performance. It also reduces labor costs. This project is also best to make as it has many benefits in plants and substations where continuous 24 hours monitoring is required.

06. Smart Home

This project can be built by IoT (Internet Of Things). Nowadays, everyone wants there life to become easier. When they enter the room, they want fans, and lights turn on automatically and when they leave room light should be turned off. When they coming back home the door should open automatically. Everything can be done by using IoT. For more details search on google about IoT.

07. Power Generation By Seat Grand Swing

This is another eco-friendly method to generate electricity. To make this project you require only a few types of equipment such as generator and gear system. When we sit-in swing to play which causes to and for motion by which electricity is generated.

08. Transparent Solar Panel

This is the latest technology of solar panel which looks like transparent glass. By using this solar panel you can make a project. You can replace all the windows of your house by these panels to generate electricity and you can also replace the windows of cars to generate energy. This is also a good idea for the project.

09. Bladeless Wind Power Plant

This is also the best project to make related to power. The purpose of this bladeless wind turbine is to avoid the effect of birdlife, it is easy to install, the height is also less compared to the blade turbine, and it is eco-friendly to generate electricity. For more information watch videos.

10. Fuse Failure And Conductor Break Detection In Lines

This is also the best project related to power. If any fuse or conductor breaks inline message should be sent to the substations or plants. This project consists of GSM to send messages to the phone of stations. This is the most suitable project for diploma engineers.

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