Different Types Of Electric Poles, PCC, RCC, Wooden, Rail, Steel Tower

Hello Guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss different types of electric poles such as PCC pole, RCC pole, wooden pole, rail pole, steel tower, etc which are most commonly used nowadays.

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Different Types Of Electric Poles

The electric poles play a very important role nowadays, they are used to give support to the overhead lines. Different types of poles are used in different places. example: steel towers are used only at transmission lines. Different poles are used in different applications. While selecting the pole, before that pole should have some properties like a longer life span, cost should be low, good mechanical strength, etc. The selecting of poles will also depend upon the voltage, weather conditions, a span of the line, etc.

The different types of poles are:

  • 01. Wooden Pole
  • 02. PCC Pole
  • 03. RCC Pole
  • 04. Rail Pole
  • 05. Steel Pole
  • 06. Steel Tower

Now I will explain one by one about every pole.

01. Wooden Pole

Wooden Pole
  • a. Wooden poles are used only in rural areas because of the low cost.
  • b. The maintenance low of the wooden pole is very high.
  • c. Sal wood is used to make a wooden pole.
  • d. The wooden poles are not strong compared to other poles.
  • e. The weight of the wooden pole is normally 10 meters.
  • f. This type of pole is suitable for a shorter span.
  • g. This type of pole has an insulating property.
  • h. The life span of the wooden electric pole is 18 to 24 years.
  • i. The wooden electric poles are used up to 11 kV.

02. PCC Pole

  • a. The full form of PCC pole is plain cement concrete.
  • b. The height of the plain cement concrete pole is 7 or 8 meters.
  • c. This type of pole is made only from cement concrete.
  • d. The tensile strength of the pole is low compared to the RCC pole.
  • e. The plain cement concrete poles are used up to 33 kV.
  • f. The cost of the PCC pole is less compared to the RCC pole.
  • g. The life span of the PCC pole is more.
  • h. This type of pole can be used for a longer span (span means the distance between two poles).
  • i. These types of poles are erected in every street of cities.

03. RCC Pole

RCC pole
  • a. The full form of RCC pole is reinforced cement concrete.
  • b. In this type of poles, rods are used for making a pole. Rods are used to increase the strength of the pole.
  • c. The tensile strength of the pole is high.
  • d. It can not be broken easily.
  • e. The height of the pole is 8 or 7 meters.
  • f. This type of poles is used up to 33 kV.
  • g. These types of poles are mostly used at diversions, endpoints, and start points.
  • h. The cost of the RCC pole is more compared to the PCC pole.

04. Rail Pole

rail pole
  • a. In India, this type of poles is used for erecting overhead lines above the railway tracks for the third rail system.
  • b. The rail pole has high mechanical strength.
  • c. The life span of the rail pole is more.
  • d. The weight of the rail pole is more.
  • e. The rail poles are painted because to avoid corrosion and to increase the life span.
  • f. This type of poles can be used up to 33 kV.
  • g. The cost of rail pole is very high and the installation cost is also more.

05. Steel Pole

steel pole
  • a. The steel poles are again classified as-rolled steel pole and tubular steel pole.
  • b. These types of poles can be used up to 33 kV, above 33 kV steel towers are used.
  • c. Steel pole has good mechanical strength and the life span of the pole is more.
  • d. These types are poles are used in cities.
  • e. Installation and the cost of the pole are very high.

06. Steel Tower

steel tower
  • a. This type of structure is used for transmission lines.
  • b. This type of tower is used above 33 kV.
  • c. More skilled laborers are required to install structure.
  • d. The installation cost is more.
  • e. Steel towers are used for a longer span.
  • f. This type of pole requires regular maintenance.
  • g. These types of structures are erected out of the cities because of high voltage.

So, guys, these are the different types of poles or structures used in transmission and distribution lines. The structures play a very important role in the transmission of electricity through overhead lines. 

I hope this article may help you all a lot. Now you are clear with different types of electric poles.

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