How To Crack Junior Engineer(JE) Exam in 2020

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss how to crack junior engineer exam in 2020, I will also share some tips to clear or crack junior engineering exam, what is junior engineer exam, who will write a junior engineer exam, etc. 

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How To Crack Junior Engineer(JE) Exam in 2020

What Is Junior Engineer Exam?

Junior engineer exam is for diploma engineers. Only diploma engineers are eligible for junior engineering exams. The starting salary for a junior engineer is near 25,000 to 40,000. 

Tips To Crack Junior Engineering Exam

Junior engineer exam is conducted to all branches of diploma such as electrical and electronics diploma engineering, electronics and communication diploma engineering, computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc. Many students apply for junior engineer exam but only a few of them will get a job.

Now, I will discuss some tips to clear the junior engineer exam.

01. Six Months Before

Start preparing from six months before. Many students will start preparing for the JE exam before one week of the exam so that they can’t even complete the preparation properly and they will not clear the exam. If you really want to crack the JE exam then start preparing from six months before. 

02. Analyze Syllabus

Speed one week’s time in analyzing the syllabus and pattern. First, analyze the pattern of what type of questions are asked in the previous year and how many questions are asked. Then analyze the syllabus how many subjects questions are coming in the exam and how many questions are coming from aptitude. So, this was my second tip to analyze the syllabus and pattern.

03. Be Consistent

Many students will start preparing from six months before but they will not maintain consistency. This mistake you don’t repeat in your life otherwise you will suffer during the exam. So, be consistent in studying. 

04. Daily Three To Four Hours

Read for three to four hours daily. If you read three to four hours daily then you will definitely clear the JE exam by completing the syllabus on time. Many students will not read for three to four hours, instead, they will study for one hour and the remaining time they will spend on social media or playing Pubg. 

05. Solve Previous Year Papers

While studying also solve previous year questions papers because sometimes the same question may appear in the exam. I suggest you solve the previous 5 years question papers. You solve previous year question paper at last month means 6th month because at that time you have almost completed the syllabus. 

06. Social Media

Also start preparing from social media like Whatsapp group, Instagram, and Facebook. In Whatsapp, you can create a group where you can add your friends who are preparing for the JE exam. You and your friends in Whatsapp can discuss many topics. You also follow some pages on Instagram and Facebook related to your branch to gain knowledge. Nowadays, on Instagram and Facebook, the page admin will conduct a quiz and post many images related to your branch.

07. Books

Refer to the best books for the JE exam. If you are an electrical and electronics engineering student then buy an objective electrical technology book. Buy a book in which you can find a short question and answer, quiz, and many other topics.

08. Take Mock Test

Once you complete all syllabus then take mock tests. By taking a mock test you will get to know how much you have prepared for the exam.

09. Revision 

At last, you do a revision of all thing which you have studied for the exam. Revision is a must because if you don’t do revision then you may forget some topics during an exam. So make sure you do revision.

These are some tips to crack or clear junior engineering exams. I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading. I hope now you are clear with how to crack the junior engineer(JE) exam.

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