Data Analytics Jobs, Scope, Profiles, Salary details, Skills

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss data analytics jobs, work of data analytics, what is data analytics, the future scope of data analytics, profiles in data analytics, salary for data analytics, skills required to become data analytics, and companies that hire.

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Data Analytics Jobs, Scope, Profiles, Salary details, Skills

What is data analytics?

It is a process of examining data sets with the help of a variety of ways to draw conclusions from it. In these days, data analytics is one of the most crucial parts of commercial industries. It will help to improve the operational efficiency of the company and customer service.

What is data analytics engineering?

For example, You are running a small shop and monthly customers will be around 1000, so to store customer data and information, you use an excel sheet. Whereas in big companies like Google, Facebook, etc the customer data is huge. So to maintain and analyze data, data analytics engineers are required.

To manage big data and to provide accurate data is the work of a data analytics engineer.

There are many forms of data analysis, such as qualitative data analysis, database administrator. The starting salary for all these forms is 4 lakh or more per annum.

Future Scope Of Data Analytics Engineer

Data analytics will provide both speed and accuracy to business decisions. It will provide accuracy as it is dependent on statistical models and analyzing the data. The field provides answers to present business problems and also gives a view of future trends. This field is making companies to prepare the future product and connects with the customers of tomorrow. Data analytics allows to improvement business process i.e. it will help organizations to cut unnecessary costs and reduces the cost of running the company.

India is one of the most popular destinations for many companies that outsource their work to many other countries. This is because of the lower cost of operations and manpower of India. The data analytics is one such field were outsourced opportunities are available in India.

As our country teeming with young people and tremendous outsourced work coming in the scope of this data analytics sector is big in India. With the latest technologies on the origin of words like blockchain, Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. These are the most popular among business corridors. These all are based on data.

Because of this bright future of data Analytics, the professionals and students are much interested in careers with data Analytics. The person who would like to work on numbers, who has logical thinking who can understand figures, Who can turn them into actionable insights, has a good chance in this field.

There is huge scope for data analytics in the coming years in India. Still, this field is in nascent stages and slowly find its applications in many areas.

Different Job Profiles For Data Analytics

01. Data scientist

Data scientists are the ones, who gather and analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data. The average salary of data, scientist is ₹ 17,80,833.

02. Data Architect

A data architect is a practitioner of data architecture, a data management discipline that is concerned with designing, creating, and deploying and managing an organization’s data architecture data engineer, Average salary of data architect is ₹ 17,80,833 per annum.

03. Statistician

The one who prepares and analyses the statistics. The average salary of a statistician is 6,94,233 per annum.

04. Data base administrator

The role of a database administrator is capacity. planning, installation, configurations, data bade design. The average salary is ₹499057 per annum.

Skills Required To Become Data Analytics

The person who wishes to become a data analyst must be strong in analytical and numerical skills.

They need to understand computer software like querying language, scripting language, statistical language, and excel.

They must possess good interpretive, problem-solving skills to explain the process of data analysis.

Top Companies For Data Analytics

The companies which uses data analytics are,

  1. Google.
  2. Fractal.
  3. Fractal Analytics.
  4. Amazon.
  5. ICICI bank.
  6. Flipkart.
  7. Twitter.
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Instagram.
  10. Facebook.
  11. Snap deal

This was about data analytics jobs, scope, profiles, salary details, skills. I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading.

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