Top 10 Latest Artificial Intelligence Projects 2021 For Engineers

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 latest artificial intelligence projects 2021, AI projects for students, artificial intelligence projects for engineers, etc

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Artificial Intelligence Projects 2021

Top 10 Latest Artificial Intelligence Projects 2021

10. Online Book Recommendation Using Collaborative
Filtering PHP

The online bookselling websites will help us to buy the books online with the help of a recommendation system, which is the strongest tool to increase profit. This system recommends the book of buyer’s interest And it is widely used to recommend products to the end-users that are more appropriate. It uses collaborative filtering to produce the most effective recommendations. The recommendation is the most widely used in the technologies.

09. Voice Best Intelligent Virtual Assistance For Windows

This is one of the tools for search reminders and to write notes just by speaking out. To create a voice app we can use an intelligent windows assistant. If you want to open any other application, you have to use the command open. For example, if you want to open notepad, then you have to use command open notepad. This opens even notepad. If you want to write something, we have to use a command, write.

Similarly, if you want to search for something, you have to use a command search. It detects the speech and saves it in the database automatically. The interaction between the user and window assistant skills is freeform, but the user needs to give correct data. If he fails to give then this system works abnormally. We can use this system in Windows 7 which converts text to speech.

08. Automatic Answer Checkers

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This is the application that cheques answers and using marks accordingly similar to a human being. This software application will be built to check answers in an online mode of examination and it allocates the marks directly to the user once after verifying the answers. You have to store or original answer for the system this facility will be provided to the admin. He may insert questions and corresponding answers in the system.

These answers will be stored as notepad files. When the user takes the test with the provided question paper and once if he enters his answer in the provided block then this system compares his answers to the original answer written by the admin that are stored in databases and it gives the marks automatically.

07. Question Paper Generator System

In this system, we will present a smart question paper generating system. We allow the administrator to give a set of questions and respective answers for ticking, and also administrator has to provide weightage and complexity for each question. Then the questions will be stored in the database with their weightage. While generating a question paper, the admin is supposed to select the percentage of difficulty.

After his selection, the system will select the questions randomly in such a way that their maximum weight should be 100 marks. After this, the question paper will be converted to PDF file and emailed to all colleges.

06. Online Artificial Intelligence Shopping With M-Wallet System

And the only shop that has different products needed as per users’ needs. The purpose of this project is to build a system to help users in shopping. This system will take the choice of the users and shops on their behalf. This system will be proposed to be built on artificial intelligence techniques which ensures hassle-free shopping experience for users. The system includes M wallet integration, which ensures a good mobile shopping experience.

These both system allows users to enter their choices and it fetches the best deal for the user within no time. But it requires an active Internet connection, and it provides inaccurate results if the user entered the data incorrectly.

05. Recommendation For The Customer

Ecommerce has benefited with the help of artificial intelligence. The best example is Amazon and its recommendation system for the customers. This customer recommendation system helper to enhance its income tremendously for better customer experience.

We can also try to build our recommendation system for a different eCommerce platform as well. We can make use of the browsing history of a customer for other data.

04. Chat Bot

The purpose of this project is to create a chatbot. We have to start by creating the most basic type of chatbot for customer service. We shall take inspiration from various websites. Once if we create a simple chatbot later we can improve that and we can create a more detailed version of this same chatbot. Then we can switch on the niche of the chatbot and we can enhance its functions.

03. Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is nothing but copying someone’s work and presenting it as our unique work. It is like theft of intellectual property. The purpose of this project is to develop a plagiarism detector which detects the similarities in the text copies and shows the percentage of plagiarism. This plagiarism uses the text mining method.

To this plagiarism we can log in with our unique email ID and password and then, we have to upload a file for which we want to cheque plagiarism. Once if we upload a file, the assignment file will be divided into content and the reference link. It scans the content of all other links to search matching content with your content. And finally, it will give the plagiarism result in terms of percentage. You can also do copy-paste the text in the given block.

02. Banking bot

The main purpose is to build a banking boat that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm. This understands the queries of the users and accordingly performs the appropriate action. This is a special type of application for banks, where users can ask bank-related questions about the account, loan, debit cards, etc.

It is an online application like a chatbot, which will be trained to process the queries or requests of bank customers and it understands the service or information, for which the customers will be looking. This banking bot will make communication with users like under human beings.

01. Prediction Of The House Price Using AI

This is the topmost project of artificial intelligence. The purpose of this project is to predict the selling price of a new home. The data set of this project includes the price of the houses from the different areas of the city and contains the age of the residents, crime rate, and nonretail business locations. We can access their data set at the UCI machine learning repository.

Guys, these are the top 10 latest artificial intelligence projects 2021. I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading guys.

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