Who is the owner of internet?

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chetan shidling asked 2 weeks ago

I need short information.

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chetan shidling answered 2 weeks ago

Who is the owner of the internet?
The answer is no one is the owner of the internet. The internet is nothing but a connection between two computers. The Internet helps to transfer the data or information from one computer to another computer through a network. Big organizations like Jio, Airtel, ATT, etc will install fiber optic cables through seas and cites to build a network.
ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names & Numbers ) is a nonprofit organization that is the top-level authority. It decides the domain name like .com, .org, .in, etc. It gives the right to organizations like GoDaddy to sell domains. But ICANN is not the owner of the internet.
We all store our data in the servers and the internet will connect our server with other devices or computers or servers and the network is created by organizations like Jio, Airtel, ATT telecom companies, etc. When a user requests any website by typing the URL the users get information through the internet. Suppose the server is in the USA and the user is from India, then the information will be transfer through fiber optic cables, and from an antenna or mobile tower which is located near the user’s home, the user gets information from that tower.
Thus, no one owns the internet.

Rakesh answered 1 week ago

But, who invented internet?

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