Harmonics in Electrical and Electronics system?

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The presence of harmonics in electrical systems means that current and voltage are distorted and deviate from sinusoidal waveforms. Harmonic currents are caused by non-linear loads connected to the distribution system. Harmonics are created by electronic equipment with nonlinear loads drawing in current in abrupt short pulses. The short pulses cause distorted current waveforms, which in turn cause harmonic currents to flow back into other parts of the power system.
How To Reduce Harmonics?
To attenuate harmonics, users can use passive filters, inductive reactors, phase-shifting transformers, active filters, or multi-pulse converter sections. Passive filters apply tuned series L-C circuits (circuits with inductance and capacitance) that attenuate specific harmonic frequencies.
Effects Of Harmonics?
Harmonic frequencies in the power grid are a frequent cause of power quality problems. Harmonics in power systems result in increased heating in the equipment and conductors, misfiring in variable speed drives, and torque pulsations in motors.

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