What Is Python, Popular Apps In Python, About Python, Features, Learning Path

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss what is python, popular apps in python, about python, features of python, learning path, etc. Each and everything I will try to explain in a simple way.
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What is Python?


What Is Python, Popular Apps In Python, About Python, Features, Learning Path
Guys, python is a general-purpose high-level programming language. The programming languages which are independent of the machine are called high-level language and the languages which are dependent on hardware are called low-level language. The python language is a general-purpose language that means the python language can be used to build web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, IoT applications, etc. Some languages are used for a particular domain but python can be used in various domains. 
Popular Applications Developed In Python?
The applications which are build using python languages are:

01. YouTube
02. Firefox
03. Google
04. Dropbox
05. Quora
06. Instagram
In Github also the number of projects contributed is built on python. 
About Python?
01. Python language is a very simple and straight forward syntax. It can be your first programming language too.
02. Python is case sensitive like C language. The upper case and lower case letters will be considered different. The upper case “A” will be considered different values and lower case “a” will be considered different values.
03. It is an object-oriented language. 
04. Dynamically typed. The C program is a statically typed language because we will declare variables, for example, int no, no1, whereas in python the declaration is not required. So the python language is called dynamically typed. 
05. In python, indentation is used in place of curly braces.
Features Of Python?
01. Emphasis on code readability means the reading of python language is much easy to understand.
02. Automatic memory management.
03. Dynamically typed language.
04. Large library – the library of python is very large so many applications are built on python.
05 Multi-paradigm programming language.
06. With the python interactive interpreter, it is easy to check python commands.
07. Platform independent
The python library can be used for

01. Graphical user interfaces.
02. Web frameworks
03. Multimedia
04. Databases
05. Networking
06. Test frameworks
07. Automation
08. Web scraping
09. Documentation
10. System administration
11. Scientific computing
12. Text processing
13. Image processing
14. IoT
What is the various carrier path in python?
01. GUI app with python
02. Web app with python
03. Python for data science
04. Python for AI and Machine Learning
05. Big data analytics with python
06. Python for IoT
These are all the various courses in python but to learn these all courses you need to learn python basics. The demand of python language is increasing day by day. Nowadays, almost all applications are built with python language. I suggest you guys learn python completely. First, try to learn python basics then do any courses based on your interest.

I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading.

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