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What Is C++ or OOPS, Benefits of C++, Difference Between Procedural Oriented And Object Oriented Programming

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss what is CPP or C++ or Object-Oriented Programming, benefits of object-oriented programming, the difference between object-oriented and procedural programming. Each and everything I will try to explain in a simple way.
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Object-Oriented Programming

What Is C++ or OOPS, Benefits of C++, Difference Between Procedural Oriented And Object Oriented Programming
The OOPS or Object-Oriented Programming is a type of computer programming language in which the coder or programmer defines the data type and also the types of functions in class. In object-oriented programming we can create classes and objects, in-class data types and data functions, are declared into public or private. 
Benefits of Object-Oriented Programming
The object-oriented programming has many benefits, such as;
01. Object-oriented programming as an access specifier like public, private, protected, etc.
02. Inheritance – The OOPS provides inheritance, the code which was used previously can be used in many places.
03. In OOPS hiding the data is possible.
04. Polymorphism – The polymorphism in OOPS provides multiple implementations of the same behaviors.
05. In OOPS, adding new functions and data is very easy.
Difference Between Procedural Oriented Programming And Object-Oriented Programming.
01. As I said, adding new data and functions in object-oriented programming is easy whereas in procedural programming adding new data is not possible.
02. The program is divided into small parts called functions in object-oriented programming whereas, in procedural programming, the program is divided into small parts called objects.
03. Hiding the data in object-oriented programming is possible whereas hiding of data in procedural programming is not possible.
04. The overloading is possible in object-oriented programming whereas the overloading is not possible in a procedural programming language.
05. By using scope resolution in object-oriented programming we can access the global variable.
I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading this article.

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