Top 10 Latest Arduino Projects With Cost For Engineers 2021

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 latest Arduino projects with the cost for engineers 2021, the best Arduino projects for engineering students, Arduino projects for diploma students, etc.

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Now, I will start discussing the top 10 latest arduino projects with cost.

Latest Arduino Projects

10. Temperature Logger Using Arduino

This is a simple project which uses Arduino and ICLM35 which is a temperature sensor from National semiconductors. The program will be monitoring temperature for every 2 seconds and it displays the temperature on the monitor of Arduino Ide. We can enhance this project by providing some actions like OFF or ON another system, at certain temperature limits. The average cost of temperature logger using Arduino will be around 700 rupees.

09. Ultrasonic Range Finder Using Arduino

This is another type of interesting project where we have developed the system using the Arduino and HC-SRO4 ultrasonic modules. This measures the distance up to 200 cm and it will have an accuracy of 1 cm. This project has enhanced to develop parking sensor systems and related applications. We can use either 7 segment display or LCD display. These are the two versions of this project. The average cost of ultrasonic range finder using Arduino will be around 800 rupees.

08. Tachometer Using Arduino

The purpose of this project is to measure the speed of the electrical machine in Rpm. The sensor will be created to pick up a revolution by using an IR LED and an IR phototransistor. The project will be designed in such a way that it has to control the speed of the motor using PWM( Pulse width modulation). The rpm and some other data will be displayed on the LCD module. The average cost of a tachometer using Arduino will be around 600 rupees.

07. Simple Wireless Keyboard For PC

If you have a home theatre PC, you can use some sort of keyboard and mouse to control home theatre. While you are purchasing many stellar wireless keyboards for use of HTPC you can also build wireless keyboards by using ordinal pro mini 328 and 3D printing. This wireless keyboard requires a little bit soldiering. It’s nonetheless simple and a super addition to any of the media center. The average cost of a simple wireless keyword for PC is around 1000 – 1500 rupees.

06. Crop Growth Monitor

Growing crops is like fun or we can get profit, for instance, the vegetable patch provides monetary savings at the grocery store, or you can scale your crops and start selling produce at a local market. Using Arduino UNO, you can create even your own device to monitor your crop growth. It uses HC-SR04 as its sensor to detect the surface of the object and to measure distance. There will be the same coding part, but the overall project is simple that offers loads of functionality for the building powers. The average cost of crop growth monitor will be around 600 rupees.

05. Build a Fingerprint Scanner To your Garage Door Opener

The purpose of this project is to build a fingerprint scanner which will let you inside your garage once after confirming your fingerprint. This system is one of the best projects of already known in which you can tackle a practical problem by your own DIY Arduino solution. You have to install a small board just beside ever garage door. The average cost of building a fingerprint scanner to your garage door opener is around 800 rupees.

04. Gas Leakage Detector With GSM Module For SMS Alert And Sound Alarm

In this system, the Arduino Uno is interfaced with the MQ-5 gas sensor and includes the GSM module. It detects the presence of LPG and other gases like methane, butane, etc., with the help of the MQ-5 gas sensor and Arduino. You have to send three SMS alerts with a message like “gas leaking at the kitchen”. to a particular mobile number in the program with the help of the GSM module and Arduino which produces sound alarm upon the gas leakage by the help of Arduino and buzzer.

We have to use one relay and that will be turned on when with the help of Arduino to activate a certain function like cut off the electrical supply to the kitchen”. Once the gas leakage problem is over completely then this project will reactivate its “gas leakage scanning mode. The average cost of gas leakage detector with a GSM module for SMS alert and sound alarm is around 900 rupees.

03. Build a Tiny Weather Display System

The purpose of this project is to build a small display which shows the current weather condition, highs, and lows. You are able to add tomorrow’s weather also if you want a broader domain. You have to program this system in such a way that it must be display temperatures with differing units both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. This is a small project but it aggravates your Arduino skills that are required for an advanced project. You have to select a lady graphic display to display the weather condition. The average cost to build a tiny weather display system will be around 500 rupees.

02. Build a Smoke Detection System Using The MQ-2 Gas Sensor

This is the best arena project that we can make this year. This is not only fancy, but it solves real life problems. The system of this project consists a system that detects smoke and inflammatory gases with the help of MQ-2 gas sensors. It includes a buzzer that gets turned on when it detects a certain level of smoke.

Instead of a buzzer, We can also use a LED light in the place of buzzer which will turn red when the system senses such gases and remain green when the environment is safe. The MQ-2 sensor detects the presence of potential gases and it will send an SMS to our personal number whenever it detects any gas. The average cost to build a smoke detection system using the MQ-2 gas sensor is around 700 rupees.

01. Build a Personalised Alarm System

This is one of the ordinal projects to deal with more security. It needs us to build an ultrasonic alarm system using Arduino. This is the best starting point for all of your security enthusiasts. The alarm system activates whenever a person or object appears in front of the sensor.

Then you can deactivate the alarm just by typing in a predetermined password of your choice. It needs an ultrasonic sensor, and LCD and buzzer, 4×4 keypad. The sensor will detect any forthcoming person/objects and activates the alarm. The user has to enter a password to deactivate the system. The average cost to build a personalized alarm system is 500 rupees.

Guys, these are the top 10 latest arduino projects with cost for engineer in 2021. I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading.

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