Top 10 Embedded Projects For Engineering Students

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 embedded projects for engineering students.

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Embedded Projects For Engineering Students

10. Embedded System Based Air Pollution Detector

These days, air pollution is a concerning issue. By checking the CO emission, LPG leakage in vehicles, industrial chimneys we can check air pollution. This system contains a CO sensor, CO2 sensor, LPG sensor. One buzzer will be used to detect the level of these pollutants. When the pollutant level exceeds the threshold value by that time the buzzer will be on.

09. Wireless Metal Detector Robot

In this project, we will develop a robot that can sense the metals. The robot is controlled wirelessly by using RF technology. The metal detector will be interfaced with the euro boat, which alerts the user if there is suspected land mines. 4 push buttons will be used at the transmitter end to control the moment of the robot. To every push button, a different command is sent to the receiver to control robot directions. In case any suspected metal is detected then automatically rowboats stops and gives the buzzer.

08. Embedded System Based Submersible Motor Control For Agricultural Irrigation Using GSM

The embedded system will be designed for the submersible motor. So the motor doesn’t dry run or overload. A PLC microcontroller will be integrated with voltage sensing circuits, comparator circuits one circuit, which checks the phase sequence. GSM module will Be used to send or receive messages from the user and to turn on or off the motor automatically.

07. Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator

Underground cables will have a less visual and less environmental impact. Telephone, Internet and power cables installed as underground cables. The purpose of this project is to implement fall detection for underground cables. This system will measure the distance between the faulty location and base station. Then it will display its owner LCD. This will be based on ohms law and a microcontroller will be used to control the operation.

06. Smart Card For Banking With Highly Enhancer Security System

Nowadays, banking fraud is a major crime. To avoid this crime, a high-security system for both online and offline transactions is being implemented. A highly enhanced security system for banking by Smart car will be proposed in this article. For authentication, a smart card or ATM card with a high secure password will be integrated with a fingerprint scanner. For notification, the GSM model will be integrated with a microcontroller.

05. Railway Track Security System

The railway is the major transportation system in many countries. These railway tracks are frequently checked for any faults. By checking frequently we can avoid major accidents. An embedded system will be a developer here that finds any faults in the railway track, and since that information to the nearest station through ZigBee protocol. The track sensing device will be integrated into a microcontroller with ZigBee and motor driver.

04. PLC Based Greenhouse Monitoring And Controlling System

Greenhouse gases are serious concerns because they are the main cause of global warming. Nowadays modern buildings will be equipped with advanced systems that help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. PLC microcontroller based embedded system will be developed that helps in monitoring and controlling greenhouse conditions. Temperature sensor moisture sensor, humidity sensor, and light intensity sensors help to the microcontroller in the greenhouse environment.

03. Automatic Vehicle Speed Controller In Traffic Using RF Signal

The purpose of this project is to control the speed of the vehicle by reducing the exhilaration of the vehicles. Light on the traffic signals determines the speed of the vehicles. The microcontroller reduces the exhilaration in the case of yellow light and it stops the vehicle when the red light appears. An RF transmitter will be located near to the traffic lights and a corresponding RF receiver will be placed inside the vehicle.

02. Embedded Web Tech In Traffic Monitoring System

The purpose of this project is to create software and hardware which streamlines audio data with the aid of USB 2.0. This project is based on X MOS and USB 2.0. With the aid of this project, we have brought a completely new innovative product. This USB audio brings into play high-speed USB 2.0 with data 480 MB/s of audio that delivers 24 bit audio Nearby 192 kHz of frequency will be received with 2-40 audio channels. The USB audio 2.0 brings into use the XS1-L1 machine to make high-quality digital audio. The structure of the project comprises of support for USB audio 1.0.

01. Mobile Operated SCADA For Industries

The purpose of this project is to formulate a system that keeps control over the working of industrial machines at a time and Mobile is used to facilitate the remote uses of the equipment. The mobile operated SCADA project will be designed with equipment like microcontroller, smoke sensor, buzzer, GSM, mobile, temperature sensor to control boiler division, and packaging division. This system brings into play DTMF decoder to connect GSM mobile with a microcontroller. The temperature of the boiler division can be measured using a temperature sensor. At the time of the fire, the smoke sensor will help us and gives alerts by the buzzer. This project is used in industrial units where over process is required.

This article was about the top 10 embedded projects for engineering students. I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading.

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