What is a XCP in Autosar?

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Rathan asked 2 weeks ago

I need the information.

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chetan shidling answered 2 weeks ago

XCP is a universal measurement and calibration protocol. It is also known as extended calibration protocol as it supports multiple transport layers like CAN, Ethernet, FlexRay, USB.
Features of XCP are:

  1. Synchronous data acquisition
  2. Synchronous data stimulation
  3. Online memory calibration (read/write access)
  4. Calibration data page initialization and switching
  5. Flash programming for ECU development purpose
  6. Various transportation layers (CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet, USB)
  7. Block communication mode
  8. Interleaved communication mode
  9. Dynamic data transfer configuration
  10. Timestamped data transfer
  11. Synchronization of data transfer
  12. Prioritization of data transfer
  13. Atomic bit modification
  14. Bitwise data stimulation
  15. Power-up data transfer

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