What is a TAV Controller?

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chetan shidling asked 2 weeks ago

I need short information.

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chetan shidling answered 2 weeks ago

The design of the Truncated Angle Variant controller system for managing the speed of BLDC motor in the alternating throttle of the electronic vehicle and for breaking the system provides the novelty for this paper. Here, the controller monitors the current level at the motor terminal and from the converter side input. This also monitors the input level at the battery terminal and from the PV system. From these parameters, it gives the controlling signal based on the design model of BLDC. Then by using SVPWM, the pulses for the switching devices are generated which results in regulated and reduced harmonics of AC output from the inverter circuit. The current flow control makes control and regulated BLDC motor speed. This will maintain the speed of BLDC at a constant level. This type of controlling design aims to maintain the speed of the motor in minimum settling time.

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