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L & T Technology Services Hiring Process, Online Test, Interview Question

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss L & T technology services hiring process, L & T online test questions, technical round interview questions asked in L & T, HR round interview questions asked in L & T, LTTS interview questions, LTTS coding questions, LTTS programming question, and we will also add questions asked for students from different branches like EE, EC, and CS.

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L & T Technology Services Hiring Process

Topics we covered are

  • About the company
  • Campus interview details
  • Selection Process
  • Online test
  • Technical Interview for embedded role and software role
  • HR Interview
  • Suggestions

About the company

01. LTTS is a publicly listed subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited, the $20 billion Indian conglomerate operating in over 30 countries.

02. L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a global leader in Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services. With 525 patents filed for 53 of the Global Top 100 ER&D spenders, LTTS lives and breathes engineering.

03. Some of the innovations are -World’s 1st Autonomous Welding Robot, Solar ‘Connectivity’ Drone, and the Smartest Campus in the World, to name a few.

04. LTTS’ expertise in engineering design, product development, smart manufacturing, and digitalization touches every area of human lives – from the moment one wakes up till the time one goes to bed.

05. With 45 Innovation and R&D design centers globally, L&T is specialized in disruptive technology spaces such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Robots, Digital Factory, and Autonomous Transport.

06. Founder Chairman, LTTS: Mr. A. M. Naik.

07. CEO and Managing Director, LTTS: Dr. Keshab Panda.

Campus interview details Or L & T Technology Services Hiring Process

  • Position offered: Graduate Engineer Trainee
  • Salary Offered: 4 LPA
  • Bond: 2years
  • Eligible Branches: CSE, ECE, EEE
  • A campus interview was held online
  • Job Locations: Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vadodara
  • Eligibility Criteria: 10th: 60% & above
  • 12th/Diploma: 60% & above
  • CGPA of 6.75 & above

No current backlogs and Maximum 4 subjects History of backlogs in the Engineering which you must have passed already.

Selection process Or L & T Technology Services Hiring Process

The selection process consists of 3 rounds

  • Online Assessment (Tech+Aptitude)
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Round

Online Assessment

The online test round was for 120 minutes (2 hours).


  • Technical Questions (30 Questions)
  • English (10 Questions)
  • Analytical (10 Questions)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (10 Questions)
  • Programming (2 Questions)
  • Behavioral or Psychometric Test (Not graded)(40 to 50 Questions)

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Time and Work
  • Time Speed and Distance
  • Number System
  • Percentages
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Permutation Combination
  • Probability
  • Profit & Loss
  • Partnerships
  • Averages
  • Ratio Proportion. Etc.,

Logical Reasoning

  • Data Arrangements
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Number Series
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Clocks and Calendar
  • Direction Sense
  • Data Interpretation
  • Data Sufficiency.. Etc.,

Verbal Ability

  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence Correction
  • Sentence Completion
  • Para-jumbles
  • Articles
  • Prepositions
  • Reading Comprehension

Online Technical Questions For CS Students

  • Most of the questions were asked from Data Structures, OOPS Concepts, Database Management System, Operating System, and Computer Networks.
  • Operating Systems: Deadlocks, Disk scheduling, Page Table, Kernel.
  • Database Management Systems: SQL queries, ER Diagram.
  • Computer Networks: IPv4 and IPv6, OSI model Layers working, Fragmentation.
  • Data Structures: Time complexities, Binary Search tree, Searching algorithms.
  • Pseudo-codes and predict the output of a given code snippet.

Online Technical Questions For EE & EC Students

  • Basic questions covering all the subjects like 8051, operating systems, control systems, Protocols like i2c, spi.
  • Questions were also from Digital(one question from pull-up res), Network Analysis.

The technical section consisted of 30 questions(MCQ) and 30 minutes. The questions were from embedded(microcontroller, communication protocols like SPI, I2C but of basic level), control systems, analog electronics(opamps and MOSFETs), digital circuits, circuit analysis, and one or two questions of electromagnetic theory(mutual and self-inductance).

Don’t worry by seeing these many topics, you just need to have basic knowledge of the topic(they were not of hard level).

Online Coding Questions For CS Students

Third Section was Coding which had 2 questions

01. In an integer array, you need to find out and return the sum of two elements such that their absolute sum is closest to zero

Input : arr[]={3,-1,5,-2,4}

Output: 3-2=1, abs(1)=1, which is closest to zero

02. Write a function that accepts an array of integers and return the array by re-arranging the numbers such that the even numbers at the even places and the odd numbers at the odd places

Input: arr[]={10,11,12,15}

Output: {11,10,15,12}

Online Coding Questions For EE & EC Students

For EC students

  1. A program to find the sum of squares of natural numbers.
  2. The minimum absolute difference in an array.

For EE students

  • 1st question was on else if ladder.
  • 2nd question: find the minimum absolute sum of two numbers available in the given array. Example :3,-2,-1,4,5 is the array answer is=3.

Difficulty level: one was easy and another is moderate. You should solve both.

Behavioural Test

The test had nearly 30 general questions each question consisting of 3 sub questions.

Technical Round Interview Questions

Technical Round Interview Questions For CS Students

After clearing the online round, the Technical round was held after a gap of one day in the MS Teams platform. The interview lasted for 30 minutes. My technical interview questions:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Explain about your projects
  • Which is your favorite subject?
  • What are different data types available in Python
  • What is the difference between Lists and Tuples?
  • What is polymorphism?
  • What is inheritance?
  • What are different types of inheritance?
  • Implement multiple inheritances (Code)

Inputs from my CSE friends (from another panel) who took up the interview.

  • What is DBMS?
  • Difference between relational DBMS and non-relational DBMS
  • What is the primary key, unique key, super key?
  • What is a foreign key?
  • If we have a large data set to retrieve then how can we improve the process? (indexing concepts)
  • What are the procedure and triggers?
  • What is schema?
  • Difference between schema and ER Diagram.
  • What is networking?
  • Types of layers in the networking model?
  • Difference between TCP, UDP and their working
  • What are IP addresses and their importance?
  • What are a port and its importance?
  • What is a socket and how we use it
  • DNS concepts
  • What are the OOPS concept and its features(clear and depth knowledge will help you to answer cross questions)
  • What are polymorphism and its types with example.
  • Difference between overriding and overloading
  • What is encapsulation and where you use it?
  • Difference between stack and Queue
  • Some of the questions on sorting techniques and their efficiency
  • Predict the output of a code.
  • What are data structures?
  • Explain infix and postfix
  • The logic of circular queue
  • What are operating systems?
  • What is a deadlock and how it is caused?
  • What is the thread?
  • Synchronization and its types
  • What is normalisation?
  • What is the difference between SQL and NoSQL
  • Basic SQL queries

Technical Round Interview Questions For EC Students

  • Tell me about yourself including your academic likes and dislikes (Don’t say about your dislikes in academics initially, most of the time they don’t force you).
  • Explain to me about the project by drawing the block diagram. He asked me more about the project like 10-15 minutes.
  • Why digital circuits is your favorite subject?(As I had mentioned digital circuits as one of my favourite subjects)
  • What is a K-map?
  • What are flip-flops? different types of flip-flops, what will be the output for different inputs for different types flip-flops?
  • What is a microprocessor?, What is a microcontroller?
  • What are interruptions?
  • Write the syntax of the different loops in C, and explain them.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What if you are rejected? (These type of questions may be asked in the technical round too)
  • Do you have any questions?
  • It was about 30 minutes.
  • What is Mosfet why we use it?
  • What is Communication? explain the types of it.
  • What are modulation and Demodulation? explain the types of them.
  • As both of my projects were on pure software-based he didn’t ask me more VLSI questions.
  • What are the features of C programming?
  • What are pointers? explain with syntax.
  • What are data structures? advantages of them.
  • What is a Linked list? Why is it used instead of Arrays?
  • What are types of Inheritance?
  • What is Polymorphism?
  • What are the advantages that a company can get by selecting you?

(These were some questions asked for other ECE student which were different than mine.)

Technical Round Interview Questions For EE Students

Introduce yourself

Programming language questions (Since I had mentioned C/C++ in my resume)

  • I was asked uses of C++, trees, Linked list.
  • Define inheritance and its types
  • To write syntax of multiple and multilevel inheritances
  • Polymorphism
  • Difference between run time and compile-time polymorphism
  • Operator overloading, Pure virtual function, Abstract class
  • Draw the block diagram of my project and explain it in detail and also the role I played in my projects.

Questions on core Subjects

  • Applications of RC circuits,
  • What is a capacitor, frequency, Opamp, Diode, Types of diodes,
  • What is Zener diode, BJT, MOSFET
  • What are a Microprocessor and its applications
  • Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor
  • What are latches and flipflop and also their types
  • Draw adder circuit

HR Interview Questions

  • Introduce yourself
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Are you okay with the 2 years bond?
  • What if I reject you?
  • What will you do if you are not placed in any company both on-campus and off-campus?
  • Why L&T?
  • Why do you think you are a good team player? (since I had mentioned this as my skill in the resume)
  • The same Question was asked about one of my hobbies that I had mentioned in my resume
  • What do you feel about your performance in this interview?
  • Do you want to ask any questions to me?


01. Don’t ever try to deviate the interviewer if you can’t answer.

02. Be thorough with your project concepts, technical skills, personal skills, etc., that you mention in your resume.

03. If you couldn’t answer any of the questions during the tech interview (only for the core related questions that you haven’t mentioned in your resume) be frank, do not bluff, and do convey to the interviewer that you are not able to recall if you had come across about that question during your previous semesters’ curriculum or else if it is not related to your curriculum just say you have no idea about it and hearing it for the first time.

04. The interviewer may try to confuse you or he/she may tell that your answer is wrong even though you answered it right. So, be firm with your answer and stick to it.

05. Don’t be tensed or scared at any time on the interview day be confident and have a smile on your face till the end.

I hope this article “L & T Technology Services Hiring Process” may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading “L & T Technology Services Hiring Process“.

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