Differences Between RAM And Graphics Card, Definition, Applications

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss the difference between RAM and graphic card, what is a RAM, what is a graphics card, which is best for gaming, applications, etc.

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Differences Between RAM And Graphics Card

Whenever you think of buying a laptop you always think about RAM and graphics. Whether I should take a laptop that has graphics or not. Graphics really matter if a laptop is used just for coding. Well, guys, let’s discuss this topic.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for “Random Access Memory”, and it stores the programs that are currently executing including the apps or applications and the browser you are using now. Any part of the ram can be accessed too quickly, that’s why this is called Random Access Memory.

What is graphics card?

Graphics cards can be also coded as GPU that stands for the graphical processing unit. Generally, it is a small CPU that performs several specific types of tasks faster than that of a normal CPU. The unique feature of a graphics card over a normal CPU is, graphics card performs matrix operations such as matrix addition, multiplication, etc at a speed much faster than that of the normal CPU. It is having a dedicated graphics pipeline, which means it is like an assembly line where many different components do only one small specific task and these small parts are called shaders.

Comparison between RAM and graphics card

01. RAM and graphics card both are two different things wherein the graphic card is also having its own memory, which can be called VRAM. Whereas RAM is the accessible memory of the normal CPU.

02. Graphics card is having its own RAM to store graphics data like polygons, lighting, textures. It is a dedicated memory for the GPU unit. RAM consists of memory data things that are a mediator between HDD and CPU for things such as playing music, then also keeps basis OS functionalities.

03. RAM is a single set of memories, whereas graphics card is a kind of device which has components similar to RAM.

04. RAM is an essential part of the computer to boot without this, the system will not start. Whereas the graphics card is optional equipment even without this, the computer starts. But we will not be having any graphical power for gaming.

05. RAM temporarily stores the data to feed the CPU, for faster computing. The memory will be erased after shut down. Whereas graphics cards can be used to free up the CPU by taking the graphic workload. It is a CPU but restricted for rendering only 3D graphical data

Which one is the best for gaming? RAM or Graphics card? And Why?

Graphics card is the most influential factor because it impacts the gaming performance directly and it is most important for the successful running of the game. For graphics card to be minimum 2 GB (DDR3) and standard to 4 GB (DDR3). The higher the graphics card power, the resolution and the FPS in the game will be more. In the graphics card, the most popular options are AMD and NVIDIA, among which, NVIDIA is the best one.

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